mick_goss_berdan_yerlikaya_fedai_kahramanMick Goss, Berdan Yerlikaya and Fedai Kahraman

Consumers of the popular press and television devotees, all know the Summerhill Stallion day was attended by people from eleven different countries. In a rare and unlikely omission, this tally erred on the modest side, as we had among the gathered throng the representatives of three more countries richly deserving of a mention.

Argentina and Brazil are long established major racing and breeding jurisdictions (and there were aficionados from both these territories in the crowd), but the rising force of international racing and breeding right now, is undoubtedly Turkey, whose two attendees pretty much melted into the mob.

And did Turkey make an impact last year at the Ready to Run sale? And how, is the irresistible answer, as Berdan Yerlikaya and Fedai Kahraman took home five choice Lots aimed at this year’s R1.25 million Emperor’s Palace Ready to Run Cup. These are two of the nicest men in the game, deeply enthusiastic and greatly ambitious about their international aspirations, from both an owning and breeding perspective.

Besides they’re good mates of Summerhill, and from the look on their faces, it seems they had a jolly good day.