Cataloochee looks on as the preparations begin
(John Lewis/Grant Norval)

Folk on the farm are used to all kinds of unusual things happening and life in our particular part of the Midlands is far from dull. Although the Vodacom July creates a lot of excitement in the racing world, the annual Summerhill Stallion Day which takes place the day after, creates its own special atmosphere.

Tomorrow the marquee will be erected and some of our equine friends will get a bit of a shock when they see some interesting rearrangements to their living quarters. The to-ing and fro-ing between the stallion barn, the hotel and the stud office has to be seen to be believed. Everything is being made ready for the arrival of some of the most important people in our industry. A unique aspect of this year’s Stallion Day is that we will be joined by several of our stallion owners, who have jetted in from around the world.

His Majesty King Letsie from Lesotho and His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Khalifa (who is visiting the country at the moment) are expected to join us for the day, together with international guests from as far afield as Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Australia, America and many parts of Africa and Europe.