ken McPeekKen McPeek (McPeek Racing)Trainer Ken McPeek had the following to say to the Thoroughbred Daily News regarding the recent release of the study in Australia of 80,000 repository X-rays which demonstrated that most common bone abnormalities revealed in X-rays of sales yearlings have no effect on subsequent racing performance.

“Many years ago, I bought a yearling that six OCD’s in his front legs. He was a excellent bodied horse and I was able to purchase him for a very reasonable price. We gave him time for the bone issues and he ultimately set a track record and started more than 100 times in his career. Without that experience, I may not have purchased Curlin. All vet issues need to be analyzed by the individual horse. As a trainer, I have dealt with an enormous amount of soundness situations and that experience helps me decide which veternarian findings that I can accept or decline when recommending the purchase of a racehorse for my clients.”