Herman Brown SnrHerman Brown Snr Last week one of racing’s doyens passed this way. Herman Brown Snr is an old friend of Summerhill and he visits us periodically and regales us with great stories of the good old days. In these moments, we’re reminded of the fact that in his time, he had few peers in the conditioning of a racehorse, and his is a legacy of three generations. First his accomplished father, then his many-times Champion self, and now Herman Brown Jnr continues the tradition with great achievement, not only in South Africa, but in such far away places as Dubai and France, where he’s distinguished himself as another South African of abnormal talent.

It was Brown Snr though, who just proclaimed the Summerhill draft for the Emperor’s Palace National Yearling Sales, among the best he’s known. That’s considerable praise, especially coming from him and for what it’s worth, we agree.

During the course of the week ahead, we’ll be releasing for our readers, the choices of our management team and our grooms; those that’ve been most intimately connected with the draft during its preparation. No doubt there’ll be many among our readers who’ll want to know how they feel. We even have readers who’ve monitored these choices in the years that follow, and are quick to remind us when they’re not quite up to scratch! Mercifully, they’re also generous in their observations, and many concede that most times, the team gets it reasonably right.

Click here to view Summerhill’s draft for the National Yearling Sales 2008.