Solskjaer Solskjaer (John Lewis) When the principals of Coolmore Stud acquired their controlling interest in Manchester United some years ago, they decided to name the two best Juveniles of that year after the two best footballers at the most famous club in the world. One was Van Nistelrooy, the other was Solskjaer.

This past week the stunning impact of the first crop of Van Nistelrooy ( the stallion) was once again in evidence with the victory in the New Zealand Oaks (Gr1) of his daughter Boundless, who became his eighth first crop Stakes winner.

videoClick here to watch the New Zealand Oaks 2008.

Now you can write this down . The first of the Solskjaer’s (in this case, our stallion) are still only foals, yet there’s not been a better looking maiden crop at Summerhill in the 30 years we’ve been in business. Of course, they still have to grow up and turn into quality racehorses, so there is a long road ahead and many a test to pass. At this stage at least, we’re reminded of the fact that both he and Van Nistlerooy were not named that way for nothing.