Hartford%20Wine%20LR.jpgIf you’ve ever wondered what it takes to compile a platinum wine list, you need only ask the team at Hartford House what goes into it, and they’ll tell you it’s a back-breaking business. However the little “wine selection” committee at Hartford takes great pride in the fact that it is one of only a handful in South Africa to have achieved six consecutive Platinum Awards, and so, to go with their Top Ten dining status, they also have an equally stellar wine list. Here’s an extract from the intro.

The wines at Hartford House represent a selection of some of the nation’s leading connoisseurs and our own passion driven team of wine “fundis.”

Our westernmost vineyards enjoy the benefits of a Mediterranean climate, Table Mountain sandstone and Malmesbury shale soils, whilst the Southeast wind and the manner in which the earth’s crust forced up the Cape fold Mountains millennia ago, all create what is known as the Terroir, the growing environment that helps the vine ripen its fruit in its own peculiar way. Thus our Cabernet tastes different from that of Bordeaux, our Chardonnay bears little resemblance to white Burgundy, whilst you will not find a Loire wine among our Chenin Blancs.

Of all the drinks that have shared a place with grain alcohol at our tables since ancient times, wine is regarded as the finest lubricant of social intercourse, probably in no small part due to the complexity and refinement of its provenance and expression. But this does not deter the simplest of palates from its enjoyment because it is fresh, tasty and jolly fine with food.

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