This is your invitation to visit the Summerhill Stud website.

Under the SALES link on our homepage, click on the pop-up YEARLINGS link. On this page you will find a comprehensive update of all our horses from Summerhill who are entered onto the 2008 National Yearling Sales. Included with the catalogue pedigree, is a conformation shot and ‘walking’ video of each of them.

Click here to link directly to the Summerhill National Yearling Sales draft. 

Our horses are leaving for Johannesburg on 23rd March and we invite you to visit the Summerhill string at the TBA Complex, Gosforth Park.

We are confident that this is one of the best groups of yearlings to depart this farm, and that’s saying something. Three Breeders Championships in a row and a healthy lead in 2008 speaks for itself, and we have a deep-seated belief that this draft may even eclipse its predecessors.

It’s a well-known fact that Summerhill horses are raised differently to any other on this continent, and it was only by doing this that we’ve been able to distinguish our product from the general run-of-the-mill. The results are self-evident, and they’ve been gratifying for a team that knows no bounds in its energy, its innovativeness and its devotion.

Besides the home-grown product, we have six imports by some of the world’s best proven sires in GALILEO, CAPE CROSS, TALE OF THE CAT, ROYAL ACADEMY, FANTASTIC LIGHT and CONAGREE, which adds their own dimension to the draft.

We do hope you will take the opportunity, and better still, bring your clients as well, so that they may enjoy our Summerhill hospitality …….we’d be delighted to see you.

Posted by Linda Norval