Singapore%20Turf%20Club%20LR.gifMike Wanklin, the Manager, Handicapping and Programming in Gauteng, will be leaving for Singapore to take up the position of Vice-President, Singapore Racing, in April, 2008.

Wanklin, the former Chief Handicapper in Singapore, returned to his native South Africa in 2005 and as a hugely respected authority in the field of handicapping made an immediate impression.

He told freeracer that this was an offer he could not resist. “This is an Executive Position at the Singapore Turf Club and I will be overseeing everything from the Stipendiary Stewards to handicappers to registrations, stabling and the like. I will be reporting to the Senior Vice President and the CEO. This is a post I can’t imagine anyone turning down.’’

Wanklin (46) for the last two years worked with handicappers Roger Smith, Vee Moodley and Lennon Maharaj. Moodley has since moved on to become Racing Control Manager and Wanklin said: “I worked with a nice team of people here and I hope that there is something that they could learn from me, we had an interesting time together.’’

Wanklin several years ago he drew up the Singapore Turf Club’s extensive guide on handicapping which has been used as a definitive guideline by a number of racing authorities around the world. He says he enjoys the heat of Singapore – something that can drive infrequent visitors insane – and that he is looking forward to the new challenge.

A replacement for Wanklin at the National Horseracing Authority will be announced in due course and Wanklin said: “Rob (De Kock) has some ideas.”

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