Mullins BayMullins BayWith the arrival of Mullins Bay at Summerhill life has certainly become more interesting for the staff here in the Admin offices at Hartford House. Mullins Bay is in a paddock just opposite the offices, and we can sit (when we’re supposed to be working, just don’t tell the boss!), and watch one of the best performed sons of the great Machiavellian grazing away contentedly in his paddock. Certainly one of life’s greatest pleasures!!

After an arduous and lengthy campaign in the UK, Dubai and Italy, Mullins Bay is back here for a well earned and deserved rest. In superb condition with a generous amount of dappling, Mullins Bay has obviously settled down quite comfortably to life here on the farm. After all, what could be better than spending your days contentedly grazing in your paddock and

Posted by Megan Romeyn