Catherine Anne Heinen
Catherine Anne Heinen
09.07.1951 - 16.12.2008

Importantly, in a business of five excellent divisions, under her watch the trading store was the most trouble-free, because she cared, because she was diligent in the extreme and because she was married to the Business Manager.

In several respects Cathy was a beacon of a lady. When it came to integrity, she was an angel; in terms of sincerity she was the benchmark; we all took our cue from Cathy when it came to humility; her values and her honesty stood out in a world that was often short when it came to these things.

You might be gone Cath, but you left an awful lot behind, not the least of which is a community that learnt from you and a family that doted on you. We know though that from where you sit right now, your custodianship will carry on, and there’s great comfort among those you left behind that this is so.