erin_georgiou_lindy_taberer_gaynor_rupertErin Georgiou, Lindy Taberer and Gaynor Rupert

If ever there was a society of patriarchs, it was the old South Africa. The home, the workplace and the social milieu, for centuries on end, have witnessed the dominance of the male species, and while South Africa’s constitution has altered the status of women in law at least, and there has been genuine progress made since the democratization of this country in 1994, we’re still steadfastly a country that believes that businesses should be run by males, that the bread-winner should be male, and that parties are really for men.

Amazingly, in another world which on a global scale is largely dominated by the achievements of men, South Africa is the antithesis when it comes to the breeding and racing of horses. Ladies of the formidable ilk of Bridget Oppenheimer, Mary Slack and Sabine Plattner have long strutted at the top end of South African racing stage, and latterly, the rising star is Gaynor Rupert. Her Drakenstein Stud, which has to be one of the most picturesque operations in the world, sitting as it does in the lee of the great mountains that envelop the Franschhoek Valley, is not only breeding good horses, but it sends out a stream of good winners, and increasingly they’re being prepared and trained on the farm itself.

Erin Georgiou recently sent us the above photograph, which simply extends the lineage of ladies who constitute the force in our ranks. Her husband Tony, has served on the boards of many a racing entity, and they breed from a selective, high quality band of mares which they keep on various farms around the country. Alongside her is Lindy Taberer, proprietor of the renowned Avontuur Stud, and an owner of a previous Rothmans July winner in Right Prerogative, while Gaynor makes up the trio.

It’s very obvious from what the photograph tells us, that these ladies have been very well kept. No doubt, their husbands played a significant role!