sean tarry

Sean Tarry
(Heather Morkel)

During the course of Thursday evenings revelry at Hartford House, one of our most esteemed panelists, international trainer Sean Tarry, raised the question in relation to the Race, whether the handicappers, in exercising their discretion regarding admissions and eliminations, would go for an unraced or an unplaced entry? It’s an intriguing issue, yet one which could raise all sorts of controversies either way. The reality, in Sean’s view, is that the unplaced horse is a known entity, where the unraced horse is not, and who knows whether the trainer sitting on an untried prospect, isn’t holding a smoking gun?

In the end, the consensus was that a barrier trial, “ala-Aussie”, could be used to resolve these issues, and any trainers who might have unplaced or unraced entries, where there was any doubt, should be asked to line their horses up together and undergo a trial where the finishing post would be the final arbiter.

It goes to show though, there’s no limit to the interest in the race right now, and hopefully that translates itself into interest at the Sale. Certainly the extended terms applicable to the Sale had everyone buzzing at the Gallops, and that might just be the saving grace.