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Catch the Gallops and Panel’s views on Monday 27th October Tellytrack DSTV Channel 232
(Summerhill Stud)

The innovation of a selection Panel at the Ready To Run Gallops whose purpose is to pick their top three colts and fillies respectively, was a “world first” initiated by Summerhill three years ago. That its influence on the sale grows by the year, was evidenced by the fact that almost half of those in attendance (and lets not forget there were many that had to drive considerable distances to get either home or get to airports) remained behind to hear the views of the panelists. While the Gallops will be going out on television (Channel 232 on DSTV) with the recordings of the Gallops shortly, would-be investors tell us they don’t want to wait a week before the Panel’s views are aired. So, this is how the dice unloaded:


Sean Tarry:
Fillies: Lot 8 Philharmonic, Lot 45 Buka Mina, Lot 66 Makemefamous.
Colts: Lot 63 Mathafa, Lot 88 Mbulelo, Lot 96 Mahubo.

Dean Kannemeyer:
Fillies: Lot 44 Jumaana, Lot 39 06 Vintage Silver, Lot 114 Julia’s Pride.
Colts: Lot 53 Blue Voyager, Lot 63 Mathafa, Lot 139 My Skat.

Graeme Hawkins:
Fillies: Lot 7 Watchful, Lot 101 Fisani, Lot 145 Moyawami.
Colts: Lot 63 Mathafa, Lot 86 Mabutho, Lot 121 Matambo.

Michael Azzie:
Fillies: Lot 36 Tokara, Lot 39 06 Vintage Silver, Lot 78 Sekela.
Colts: Lot 22 Winning Leap, Lot 63 Mathafa, Lot 151 Mongameli.

Michael Roberts:
Fillies: Lot 93 Finntastic, Lot 98 Maid Of Dubai, Lot 140 Mastende.
Colts: Lot 23 Tap Tempo, Lot 81 Eritrea, Lot 121 Matambo.

Eamonn Cullen:
Fillies: Lot 13 Kwela-Kwela, Lot 36 Tokara, Lot 139 My Skat.
Colts: Lot 54 Libalele, Lot 63 Mathafa, Lot 130 Mutaraami.

We’re told by the technologists and assured by Tellytrack that the full recordings of the Gallops and the Panel’s views will be aired on Monday 27th October, and they will be up on our website ( next to the lot numbers of the draft.

We’re reliably informed by those that have attended similar Gallops around the world, that there’s nothing quite like the Summerhill show, and we need to salute Linda Norval and her gang for the phenomenal organisation behind them, and of course Tarryn Liebenberg and Michael Booysen, who head up our team of riders and other horsemen and who’s tireless efforts made it the success it was. Let’s remember though, this shows been going for a long time now, and we need to take our hats off to these people not only for what they put on Friday, but for the many Championships these horses have delivered for Summerhill over the years, and the number of Champions that have flowed from it.