Mullins BayMullins Bay (BBC)The histories of most great stud farms have been defined by at least one great stallion. To be associated (as we have) with Northern Guest, a Liloy or a Home Guard, in any studman’s lifetime, is a privilege.

Yet for every one that aspires to greatness, there are dozens that fail, because that’s the way nature’s decreed it. Look at the wild kingdom, and you’ll find one herd bull, and plenty of “hangers-on” in the bachelor herd. That’s why selection is so important in a stud farm’s story, and so critical to the questions of success or failure, as the case may be.

This week witnessed the arrival of our newest recruit, Mullins Bay, and we speak here of one of the world’s top ½ of racehorses, not that frightingly expensive piece of real estate in the Caribbean.

This fellow is one of Summerhill’s all-time favourite sons, as he took us to the World Cup in Dubai, to England’s Champion Stakes, and Italy’s Premio Ribot, under the farm’s silks.

It’s a long time since any stallion prospect saw such a pilgrimage of visitors, principally members of the staff whose affections recall a racehorse of considerable talent, courage and consistency.

No doubt, in their wildest dreams as kids, neither Barry Clements nor Mick Goss ever imagined themselves connected to an animal of such commanding presence, such pedigree, and as important as any, so generous a spirit.

Welcome home, Boy!