Angus GoldAngus GoldYou will recall our recent reports on the Gosses journey to England and France, and their relief at escaping the clutches of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan al Maktoum’s world-wide Racing Manager, Angus Gold, after ten consecutive nights (or rather, early mornings of revelry). The Goss batteries have scarcely been recharged, and Angus turned up this week for a four day stint at Summerhill. Try as we might to introduce a new fresh team every evening, the Gold penchant for late-night shenanigans remains as strong as ever, and while he is quite the most delightful and hard working man around during the day, his knack for extending the hours into the night is frankly, for the owls! Nonetheless, he’s as good company and as good an ambassador for his boss’ business (and for the whole of the British Empire for that matter), as you could wish to find, and he leaves us, as he always does, with sad, and in a few instances, broken hearts!

Though he’s been to the altar on no fewer than three occasions previously, he moves too quickly these days as he jets around the world, to develop lasting relationships, so as he leaves for Mozambique and then for New Zealand and Australia, those of the female species can sit back in the relaxed knowledge that all is safe!