Anthony CummingsAnthony CummingsThe havoc caused by the Equine Flu outbreak in Australia continues to perplex the administrators, scientists and anyone connected with the sport. We know only too well the vagaries and frustrations, and now it has spread to the yard of Anthony Cummings, son of the “Cups King”, Bart Cummings, winner of 11 Melbourne Cups. This has to be the most contagious horse-affecting disease known to man, and we can only sympathise with our brothers in OZ.

John MessaraJohn MessaraJohn Messara, Chairman of Aushorse, Australian Breeders and leading stud owner, has been on to us asking whether there were any lessons learned from South Africa, which might be of any use in Australia. Since we were largely unaffected at Summerhill we’ve referred the matter to Professor Alan Guthrie and Peter Gibson, CEO of the South African Equine Trade Council, in the hope we can help. The terrible thing is you wouldn’t want to wish it on your worst enemy, especially in a rugby World Cup year.