Our work’s now behind us, but Filly Hayward and her team at Xpressions Advertising & Design, Odette & Michael, are busting their guts as the whole job goes down to the wire. They’ve done a miraculous job on what will once again “top” all previous editions, and they’ve managed it in half the time (Filly, who’s had any number of facials in the last fortnight, complains incessantly of a lack of sleep!). That they’re now a week ahead of the normal schedule is where the miracle lies, but “topping” all previous editions in terms of quality is no mean accolade.

Remember, this the brochure which in 2006 ranked 2nd in the entire country in terms of its quality in the sphere of business publications at the Sappi Awards. Well done Xpressions - we’re extremely proud to have you in our team.

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