MalhubMalhub : The Talking Stallion of the Emperor’s Palace Two Year Old SaleAfter fully two days of the National Two Year Old Sale, the aggregate was only marginally up at R 23 992 000 (last year R 23 490 000), but some 10% up on average. This is an achievement, in our view, bearing in mind it’s a much bigger catalogue with a far greater quality spread, (and that’s reflected in a 16% pass out rate), and they came off a very high base posted at last year’s sale.

The additional numbers at the sale are merely a reflection of the newfound prosperity in the game, with an additional 600-odd foals reportedly microchipped in last season’s crop, mirroring the significant expansion now manifesting itself in the breeding sector in response to racing’s good health.

The challenge is obviously on for those of us that serve on the South African Equine Trade Council to ensure the growth of the export market, which is growing vibrantly, but badly needs to find resolutions to the delivery issues that make the transfer of our horses relatively expensive (and drawn out). Good work in this respect is thankfully underway, but we’re in the hands of bureaucrats both here and at the EU, and they move slowly as we know, sometimes for good reason, and other times because that’s how bureaucracies operate.

While we’re on this subject, twenty-seven of the nation’s top horses are already in quarantine, destined for Dubai (in the main), and while there is always the fear this will denude our own sport back home, the reality is, we’ve uncovered a greater depth to our racing in the seasons just past and there has to be hope that with considerably greater investment in the industry of late, South Africa has an untapped capacity to produce very good horses in increasing numbers. As a result, we’re arguably a long way from feeling “denuded” by these horses leaving, and should applaud rather the achievements of those that leave us, such as Irridescence, who went down a nose in Saturday’s Beverley D. (Gr1) in America.

Back to the Sale, and MALHUB…..

He only had three in the sale, but Kingmambo’s Group One winning Sprinter, MALHUB has shown himself at this stage, at least as a Sales sire, and a horse to be reckoned with.

All three have made R 120 000 plus (6 x’s service fee), with Greenhills Farm (the Crawford’s), making R 250k and R 150k respectively for their decently turned-out duo. The public (and the professionals) have obviously taken MALHUB (and his pedigree and performances) on board, and this is their response. Gratifyingly, we have no fewer than sixteen MALHUBS in line for November’s Ready To Run sale.