It takes a furious snow flurry to give the Ready to Run horses a break. Despite the cold and wet they still got a lot of attention in the way of grooming and pulling manes. The grins on the faces of the riding team revealed a new sense of happiness because, instead of riding eight strings a day they spent the time in a warm tack room oiling their tack. Beyond the checking, treating and feeding, the team still found time to enjoy the snow and made the best of it! It was definitely a well deserved break as we have 110 horses in preparation for the RTR sale, including the brothers and sisters of “famous” racehorses of the like’s of PICK SIX, DYNAMITE MIKE, VEILED ESSENCE and FANYANA, to name a few. This is going to be the sale to end all sales, especially if we can get the stakes for the sales race to R1million for 2008.

Posted by Tarryn Liebenberg

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