Starting StallsThe Starting StallsPart of the process of educating young horses for their careers is to provide them with the assurance that they should fear nothing when it comes to entering starting stalls. Our Ready to Run graduates have an outstanding record in their willingness to load onto floats, and their confidence in entering starting stalls. As a result, buyers of our horses and their trainers in particular, experience very few, if any, problems with graduates of our programme when they go into training.

Yesterday saw the first of our strings undergo their initial introduction to the stalls, and we’re happy to report that each and every one of them stood dead calm in the stalls, and left them without a bleat. This is a wonderful compliment to the way they’ve been brought up, and to their initial education. Of course, we have more than a hundred to take this way and so the process is far from complete, but this was as encouraging a beginning as we could wish for.