Well, at Summerhll, we’ve always had to look for the gaps, and that often means swimming against the stream. But that’s also the very reason we’ve managed to achieve as we have, because we’ve gotten out of the box.

South African racing is a mixture of the Australian and European models, and so what doesn’t work “down under” doesn’t always mean it won’t work at Greyville, Turffontein or Kenilworth. South Africans also have huge respect (and sometimes too much of it) for what works in the North, so our mission is to try and find in Australia the sort of horse that might well succeed at home, and then try and leverage off the discount that accrues from the premature “falling from grace “of a stallion and his progeny in Australia.

At the same time, “recognition” here matters, so wherever possible, we’re looking for the highly promoted stallions at Coolmore, Darley, Arrowfield etc, where the hard marketing yards have been done, and there’s a degree of instant familiarity for South Africans.