The fractured seamoid which bothered him as a juvenile, has finally ended the career of Sheikh Hamdan’s World Champion runner, INVASOR, earner of close to US $8million.

invasorInvasor - World Champion RacehorseA fairytale story of a horse that started out as a US $20 000 yearling with wobbly forelegs, who won a Uruguayan Triple Crown, and went on to beat the best in the world, exemplifies perfectly the reason we’re all still here. Hope, as you’ve so often heard, springs eternal.

Let’s not forget, this is the horse both the legends, Millard and de Kock, left behind at US $20 000 on account of “poor” vets reports, but nobody had reckoned on where Invasor came from!

He retires to Sheikh Hamdan’s Shadwell Farm in Kentucky.