No sooner were our notes on this weekend’s gathering of the Moneyweb “Ibandla” posted, than we were getting enquiries from the incurably curious as to who attends, and how you get to be invited.

Well, we don’t know the answer to the latter, but judging by those that were there, it seems you’d need to be the head of one of the nation’s biggest corporations at the very least, or a major domo in government (aside from our man in Khakis and veldskoens!) and to betray the names of those there would be to break the first rule of the Chatham House convention.

alec hoggAlec Hogg (Photo Gregor Rohrig)With their permission though, we can mention just a few from the racing world: George Papadakis, head of the investigative team in the Fidentia disaster and a 3rd generation racehorse owner; Paul Harris, CEO, among many other things, of FNB and who’s connection to Wolf Whistle, winner of Africa’s richest horserace made his attendance with wife Mitzi, affordable; Alec Hogg himself, who’s love of horses is greater than money, and rivals that of even his latest “honey”; Laurie Dippenaar, co-founder of Rand Merchant Bank, Momentum Life, Discovery and FNB (as we know it) and who, together with his mates G.T. Ferreira, Johann Rupert and Pat Goss, have been Summerhill “victims” since the day the gates first opened; and lastly, but by no stretch least, Jannie Mouton, Chairman of PSG and many others, who just got to spend the most expensive weekend of his life when he told Markus Jooste he wanted to own a July winner!!