So where in the World were we? Some of you may be forgiven for thinking that certain members of the Summerhill, Hartford and Vuma Teams had stepped off the planet…..

rob caskieRob Caskiemick and ferdiMick & FerdiAn early morning start on Monday last week saw us bumping along dusty roads through Tugela Ferry and some of the most spectacular scenery imaginable. The sun sinks on long days of presentations, fierce debate, meetings of the minds, great ideas, and found us seated around a fire in the boma, where Rob Caskie regaled us with legends of Fugitive’s Drift. David Rattray, George Bunting, Dunford, Colenso and Shezi are remembered. Awe-inspired, we sleep to the sounds of the bush.

Groups of the team were treated to tours of Rorke’s Drift and Isandlwana, where these great battles are vividly brought to life by Rob Caskie in true Rattray tradition. We feel so lucky. Friday arrived in a flash, and after a quick visit to the stables (where we’re introduced to trusty steeds Coghill and Melvill among others), we’re heading home to put thought into action!

And as we want to say in moments like these,  ‘…just another tough day in Africa’.

Fugitives’ Drift Guest House Boma - Africa at its Best