summerhill stud officeSummerhill Stud OfficeAfter the most fulfilling session in Summerhill’s conferencing history, all of our divisions (Vuma Feeds, Hartford House and Goss & Co Insurance) were back in full harness Friday, pumped up about their prospects of taking their businesses to “World Class & Beyond”. Any entity that’s brave enough to set its sights at such lofty levels leaves itself a daunting task, yet the benchmarking exercises conducted by our outside guest participants left us in little doubt that, whilst there are numerous areas in which there’s room for an upgrade, in many aspects of our businesses, we either are, or are close to, the benchmarks.

hartford houseHartford House
That leaves us with a not inconsiderable responsibility, not the least of which is the avoidance of complacency, but which also entails a steadfast quest to break even bigger and better ground in the years ahead. Of course, you cant claim world class status if you don’t keep putting the “dough” down, and the capital demands in satisfying the rigid criteria we’ve set for ourselves, are nothing short of formidable.

olivia schafferOlivia SchafferBut before we set out on that course, we’d need to make sure that Hartford’s Marketing doyenne, Oli Schaffer, gets a suitable car to take her to Investec Head Office in future, to save her the embarrassment of pitching up in the Boss’ “bakkie”, complete with hole in the canvas. Those of us that know the owner, will attest to the fact that his favourite pair of shorts are also full of holes!