mareWhen you think a mare’s gestation period is 11 months you would expect to wait a long time for the next year’s foaling season. Think again. On a stud farm the saying ‘never a dull moment’ rings true. The time literally flies by.

Before you know it, there are plenty of big mammas with even bigger bellies munching at the green winter pastures. You almost remember with dread the sleepless nights and early mornings of the previous years, but then, if you weigh up the pros, it definitely outweighs the cons.

Pros? Yes, the excitement of waking up every morning to be greeted by wobbly little foals trying to nurse off any appendage you offer them, or maybe just seeing a maiden trying to lick her new baby to ‘death’.

I’m sure every one of our clients with a pregnant mare on the farm shares my excitement and is counting the last month and a half before we see the first Cataloochee’s, Hobb Alwahtan’s, Solskjaer’s and Way West’s. These fellows joined the roster last season, and our destiny is in their hands.

Posted by Annet Becker