This is not the time for a lengthy “spiel” on how it all happened. Two Breeders’ Premierships in succession, and a healthy lead again in 2007. With limited resources, and against all the odds, the World’s wondering about the secret.

There were a number of pillars on which it was built, and one of the most important was understanding our environment. That was one thing, the next was respecting it. So we decided to go back to nature, to let her do the work in harmony with our horses.

At the same time, we outlawed artificiality, to the degree that, wherever possible, nothing unnatural is used in the raising of our horses. Of course, none of this would’ve been worth a dime if we hadn’t applied the same rules to our nutrition, where our partners share our values.

In a manner of speaking, you could say the Summerhill racehorse is the only one of its kind. Naturally raised, supremely crafted, respectably priced.

Of an evening, as the sun dips behind The Giant, we’d have to be thinking it’ll take more than a couple of good ones to dislodge the 2007 draft from the top of the Championship table. You need only visit the Gomma Gomma betting to know that. They come from the same place as Emperor Napoleon and Pick Six, you know.