catherine hartleyCatherine HartleyThe prestigious Highveld Racing Season drew to a close with the Champions Day meeting on the 4 May, and the final curtain came down with the Racing Awards Monday night.

Despite being the nation’s leading breeders for 3 consecutive seasons, and over many years supplying numerous champions on the Highveld, the one title which Summerhill has never previously aspired, was the Champion Highveld Breeder.

After one of the greatest 2 months in our history (indeed, our greatest season to date, Pick Six’s memorable victory in the Gomma Gomma Challenge Gr1, pretty much delivered this time on a plate. On hand to receive the award on behalf of the farm,was Vuma’s Catherine Hartley, and whilst we weren’t there to witness it ourselves, we’re told she made a noble, beautiful, and gracious debut.

It’s moments like these that make us remember from where we came from, and just how deeply grateful we need always be to the remarkable Team that paddles the boat.