odette filly and michaelOdette, Filly & MichaelIt’s hard to believe that a little Zulu farm 10 km’s outside of the “dustiest little dorp” in the KZN Midlands, at the southern most tip of the supposedly darkest continent, has a stallion brochure which has made the final 5 “top business publications” in the country, and that it could still, when the final awards are made, end up the No.1 in it’s printing category. It’s a phenomenal tribute to our printers of 20 years, ProPrint, and to our design studio, Xpressions Advertising & Design, where Filly Hayward, Odette Robertse and Michael Nefdt, who make up our other limb, are single handedly responsible for Summerhill, Hartford House and Vuma alter egos.

Photograph by Mick Goss