There is an old saying that a company is only as good as the people at its helm, and most times, when you come to engage with corporate culture, you can immediately feel through its people, how it’s led.

It’s no different in the case of a country, and one of the finest examples anywhere of a nation endowed with decency, becomes volubly clear on a visit to the Kingdom of Lesotho. Whether your interaction is with people at grass roots level, the civil service, the Ministries, the Prime Minister or the Head of State, you can’t help but notice that these are some of the nicest people on the planet.

There is another old saying that “nice guys come second”, but in the case of Lesotho, they are the best example of the saying “there’s an exception to every rule”. Here is a country which, in spite of its size and relatively small population, is an example to Africa and the world at large, of the way democracies are supposed to work, and how well the various organs of state operate in harmony with one another. And lets not forget it wasn’t long ago that Lesotho was embroiled (several times) in political and constitutional turmoils, so the transition has been swift and almost miraculous.