Champions in the mistChampions in the mist…Have you ever wondered what makes people want to work with horses? It’s no straight forward, eight-to-five job, it’s positively a way of life. What makes one get up in the middle of the night for a foaling, what makes one check the paddocks one more time after five or have you sit up with a sick foal on a drip?

Maybe it’s the connection we share with these great animals on whose backs countries were built, civilizations developed and wars were fought. An animal that can make you experience more joy and happiness than any other. You’d only know what we’re talking about if you’ve led a sprinter into the winner’s enclosure or just seen a new born foal take his first breath.

Besides the foundation of good bloodlines and a perfect environment for raising Thoroughbreds, Summerhill Stud’s secret to success surely lies with the team of people that looks after these animals every day. There’s no checking of watches and there is no quitting until every horse’s needs have been taken care off. These are people who genuinely have horses in their hearts.

Posting by Annet Becker