lexy brackney and majestic sunLexy with a yearling brother to group winning Majestic SunAfter a strenuous 24hr flight over the Atlantic Ocean, Lexy Brackney, arrived safely on our African shores. As an ex foreman for well known American trainer Patrick Biancone, she is no stranger to the horse business. After a day of acclimatization, she was stuck right into our industrious National Yearling Sales program. Her easy going, enthusiastic personality has made her fit into our team like she has been here for years. With a hard working, fun loving Zulu team that is no surprise.

When asked about her experience thus far, Lexy replied, “I have found that the Zulu people I work with are natural horsemen that are not in it for the fame but for the love of the horse.”

Not only will she be traveling up to Johannesburg at the end of the month for the Emperors Palace National Yearling Sale, on her return she will be introduced to the South African way of breaking and prepping Ready to Run horses. During the year at Summerhill Stud, she will spend time working in the different divisions to gain experience in the fields of breeding, pre-training, sales and farm management.


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