In the Koran calendar, today is the birthday of the prophet Mohammed, and Dubai, by its own busy standards, is as quiet as a Churchmouse. Yet the silent tension that comes only with the lead-up to the richest race day on Earth, is palpable. In the Summerhill team, there is a touch of nervous anticipation, but we know that everything that could be done, has been done. There’s nothing more we can do, other than remain optimistic until the final numbers are in the frame.

Weichong MarwingWeichong MarwingMike de Kock is his usual ebullient self, and he too says he’s done his stuff. It’s now over to Weichong. He’s among the top men in his trade, and he’ll give Mullins Bay his best shot, we know. That said, there’s a lot of money at stake here, and in the cut and thrust of a field as competitive as ours, it takes split-second reaction to ensure you make the best of a difficult situation, especially when you’re in the No. 14 slot.

The horse is well though, and he came through yesterday’s final work in good shape.