MULLINS BAY’S spot in the line-up for his own place in history at the Dubai World Cup meeting on Saturday, is nothing short of an endorsement of Summerhill’s fundamental values: we are supporting those who support us.

There are few in the racing world who are not aware that the Maktoums, Ruling Family of Dubai, came to the rescue of the South African breeding industry as long ago as 1991, and that they have collectively housed of the order of twenty five stallions at the Mooi River property since that time. Summerhill is the only farm worldwide at which these titans of racing and breeding keep stallions on this scale, and the benefits to the genetic integrity of the Southern African thoroughbred has been immense.

Sheikh HamdanHis Highness Sheikh Hamdan

InvasorInvasorHis Highness Sheikh Hamdan, Deputy Ruler and owner of the exceptional Summerhill based stallions, MUHTAFAL and KAHAL, is represented in the $6 million World Cup itself by racing’s highest ranked horse of 2006, INVASOR, who’s reported to be in sparkling form. Another reason for the Farm’s invasion force to look forward to the meeting. More news from Dubai as the week progresses.