This week we talk with Barry Watson, Summerhill Stud’s Agriciculture Division Manager.  

barry watsonWhat was your first job?

Barmen & DJ

Have you always lived in South Africa?

No. Born in Zambia and have lived in the U.K.

Most embarrassing career mistake/experience?

Once fertilized the wrong field and it cost R13,500, oops!!!!

How long have you worked at Summerhill?

18 months

What is your position?

Agric. Div. Mgr.

What constitutes a good weekend?

Family time. A braai with friends after fishing on Saturday, and on Sunday a good book.

Favorite restaurant?

Da Vinci’s

Best thing about living in Mooi River?

You’re out of the rat race

Worst thing about living in Mooi River?

Can’t get decent take-away

If you had to describe South Africa to someone who had never been here how would you do so?

Beware of the lions when you get off the aeroplane. Not really, probably a land with wide open spaces that in an instant can take your breath away

One thing a person visiting South Africa should definitely do?

Walk in the veld. Have a proper braai – boerewors, pap and sheba.

If you weren’t in racing what would be your ideal job?

Cattle farming

Best horse you have ever seen race?

Ilha da Vitoria

What’s the best thing about your job?

Putting into practice new ideas and opportunities

Your favorite stallion or mare at Summerhill?

Easy - my mare, Anouk Aimee

What’s currently playing on your iPod/CD/Record player?

Live – Run to the water

If there’s one thing you could change in the world what would it be?

Food, security & education for all