Two two-year-olds sold at Sunday’s Ready-To-Run Sale were killed when the float carrying them back to Summerhill Stud overturned outside of Mooi River on Monday afternoon. A further 11 young horses survived the accident. The New Turf Carriers driver, who survived, was hospitalised. No grooms were injured.

mick gossMick GossMick Goss of Summerhill Stud, who arrived on the scene a while later, told “It was terrible. From the marks on the side of the road it looked as if the driver veered off the side of the road and lost control. When we got there one horse, Viva Labeeb, was virtually squashed under the float, he died. Another, Paparazzi, had hurt herself so badly that we had to her down.”

As fate would have it, 11 horses escaped from the float and Goss said: “The roof of the float burst open and the partitioning was loose and lying all over, trapping some of them, but they got themselves out of the mess. Some were standing on the side off the road, badly shaken.”

Goss said that three horses were missing from the scene and found later. “They’d run away into the fields, where we found them, unhurt, and brought them back. All were calmed down and injected by my staff, who came to help.”

Goss expressed his sympathy to trainer Dennis Bosch, who had lost the striking Viva Labeeb, and said: “This has never happened to us and it is most unfortunate indeed. Many years ago I lost a mare who broke loose and ran in front of a train, but that was it. Losing a horse is just shocking. Carriers will have to look urgently at the people they employ. I am sad for Mark and Dorrie Sham, who unexpectedly had two accidents in one week.”

Among the horses who survived was a R525 000 colt by Hussonet and a Russian Revival filly bought by Mike de Kock and also a pair secured by Dominic Zaki.

“We will attend to every one with extra special care,” said Goss.

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