Tobie Spies
Tobie Spies

There are certain days in our lives that serve to define the events which shape our history, and for stockmen the judgment of our labours is not only the assessment of how our programmes are serving us, but when the judgment is favourable, it’s a compliment to the people and the stock they produce.

Yesterday we entertained their veterans, John Kramer (who’s been the senior judge for the TBA for almost thirty years now) and retired, former top flight trainer, Tobie Spies, while they went about their work in earnest, assessing our National Yearling Sales entries for the physical attributes.

John Kramer and Mick GossJohn Kramer and Mick GossWe’ve been strong on this crop since they were born, as you know, so yesterday they stepped up to the plate as we expected, and with very few exceptions, they scored the points they deserved. John remarked that this was a top quality crop, and he commended our people for their work in producing them.

As you can imagine, when two such characters of the game, holding a collective experience of close on a century in the business, get together, the anecdotes flow swiftly and amusingly and we’ve spent two great evenings in their company, reminiscing about the many things (horses and horse-racing) that’ve shaped our sport over the years. You can’t buy those times as they’re priceless, but if you’re a fan of racing, you’d want to tune in at some time to these occasions.

Those that have horses entered for the sale, will find the judges’ reports on our website ( in the next twenty-four hours. Because of the confidentiality and personal nature of these reports, they will unfortunately not be a matter of public record. Please use your personal code to access the information.