For a sire whose progeny have distinct stamina limitations, Muhtafal’s second place position in the National Sires’ Premiership may be surprising to many.

But for those that recall our long held mantra “If we were going to war, he’d be our General,” it’s only a matter of just deserts for a horse whose early seasons were dogged by the reservations breeders had in patronizing him for fear of the poor fertility he exhibited in his native America, before arriving here.

Let’s face it, he’s still not Northern Guest when it comes to his sperm “swimmers”, but who needs to be a “Thorpedo” anyway? His numbers are respectable by any standard, and for a horse whose quality of mares has until now always been governed by the poor perceptions of the likelihood of getting in foal, his results are spectacular.

Besides, his number of runners, considering his books have always been limited, is up there with the best, which means he doesn’t only get big race performers, but he has a disproportionately high number that get to the races. And they seldom fail to give you a run for your money.


Ex-Summerhill resident, Rambo Dancer’s slot at number three tells us another story, and explains his and Muhtafal’s contribution towards what it takes to build a Championship.

Summerhill owes these two.