Phumalela%20Logo%20LR.jpgRacing’s biggest local operator, Phumelela, which went public only five years ago, has just been counted in the “top five” in The Sunday Times Top 100 Companies competition. This is a staggering achievement, given the fact that the company has only been operating for five years, and the minimum requirement to make the top 100, is that a company should be in business for at least five years.

That means Phumelela have made the top 100 in their first five years of operation, but not only that, they’ve made the top five.

We all need to stand back and let racing in general and Phumelela in particular, take a bow for this fantastic achievement. Those of us lucky enough to buy the shares at 50c some five years ago, have seen the shares escalate beyond R18, a multiple of more than 36 x’s their issue value. Now that’s flying, as they don’t even do over the five furlong trip of The Computaform Sprint!

Phumelela’s accolades are rich reward for their imagination, innovation and a vision of the world in which they operate which is probably unparalleled anywhere else on the planet. Their executives have travelled the length and breadth of the globe selling their international product, and they have maintained an advantage of several years over their international competition. None of this would’ve been possible, if they hadn’t had several genii among their number, as well as a strongly motivated and deeply committed workforce.

There’s not a soul at Summerhill that doesn’t join in congratulating the entire team at Phumelela.