Bob YearhamBob Yearham (mikedekockracing)ON the eve of the inaugural Listed Emperors Palace Ready To Run Cup and the 2007 Emperors Ready To Run Sale, Summerhill Stud’s Mick Goss has paid tribute to Emperors Palace Chief Operating Officer, Bob Yearham.

“The Summerhill team has arrived in Johannesburg and we’re being accommodated in the fine surroundings of Emperors Palace,’’ said Goss. “But of course this is just the tip of the iceberg. One needs to look at what Bob Yearham with his sponsorships and support has done for horseracing over the last several years and that is truly remarkable.

“Bob is not a man of big talk, he is someone who puts his money where his mouth is and then goes on to follow through on every detail of his commitment. This is what I call professionalism in the true sense of the word.

“He has seen the synergy between the gambling and the racing industries, has used it to his fair advantage and is now seeing the results. All of us have drawn the benefit from Bob’s efforts.’’

The Summerhill draft of over 100 horses were safely transported to the TBA Sales Complex at Gosforth Park earlier this week and Goss enthused: “Any breeder will tell you that there are often niggling problems when it comes to transporting young horses to sales grounds, but I am pleased to say that our youngsters arrived in excellent condition without a single hassle, thanks to Choice Carriers.’’

Summerhill’s 25 grooms have settled in with the horses and Mick’s marketing and public relations team, headed by Linda Norval, are in attendance.

“To the members of Summerhill, the 2007 Ready To Run Sale is an in-house triumph, so to speak. We’ve built our team for 30 years and our trouble-free passage to the big race and the sale is a culmination of little things being done perfectly right over a long period of time.

“Here we are now, everyone is excited, there is a buzz in the air and we’re looking forward to a great weekend. I am especially pleased that there are owners from out of town, as far as Kimberley, with runners in the race. They will also be accommodated by Emperors and will attend Friday night’s cocktail party. The Sale has produced excellent results, not only for big owners!

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