There are all number of theories as to the secret of racing  success . Adding to the vault of knowledge is Japanese ‘stride research’ that was unveiled today at the Asian Racing Conference:

The success of Deep Impact, an unremarkable-looking racehorse, is down to his incredible stride, extensive scientific data revealed.
Dr Hiroko Aida, from the Japan Racing Association, displayed the running form of Deep Impact in the veterinary science workshop at the 31st Asian Racing Conference in Dubai.
A host of measurements were taken from high-speed video data of the Kikuka Syo (Japanese St Leger) at a rate of 250 frames per second.
Sophisticated analysis has revealed that the champion racehorse’s ratio of overlap time to stride duration was 8.5 per cent, compared to that of an average horse, which is 17.1 per cent.
It was postulated that this characteristic, which is also common to the great American horse Secretariat, may be an essential feature of superior horses.
Aida said that such video analysis could in the future identify the “next Deep Impact” before he hits the sale ring.