Today signalled the final fast work for the next 2 weeks - and as has been the norm for the past 2 Fridays we saw some exceptional galloping displays by a series of youngsters. It was a hectic morning as final photographs were taken for the Ready to Run sub-site that goes live early next week, the new ad campaign “A different ride altogether” was finalised, and a series of Summerhill staff were on hand to watch the horses go through their paces.

Mick Goss, on hand to watch the fast work, recorded the  following words:

“This is one of the most exciting  mornings of the year, at a time when things are blooming - literally and figuratively.

“I saw the Ready to Race String do their quick work for the first time. There were some revelations. We expect good performances from the Muhtafals, Rambo Dancers, National Emblems and Kahals - and there were the usual dose of those - but we also saw some proper work from the Deep Sleeps and the first Russian Revivals bred from his better quality mares.

“We’re fortunate this year to have brothers and sisters to some well performed horses that have come off this farm in the past few seasons  as well as some serious youngsters by Rich Man’s Gold, Silvano, Jet Master and Strike Smartly.

“In the opinion of our riders, it would seem that this Draft might be a cut above anything from the past, and that’s appropriate because they are likely to make up the bulk of the field for the inaugural running of the R400k Emperor’s Palace  Sweepstakes.”