Leading Australian Auctioneers William Inglis & Sons have announced the introduction of a new Racehorse only sale at their Oaklands (Melbourne) sales complex in October.

This sale has set for Friday October 13 and is planned to alleviate the time lapse between the August and December Sales for clients wishing to sell racehorses.

Entries for the sale will close one week before the sale on October 6.

Of interest from a marketing perspective (and perhaps indicative of the web saturation and personal use of the Internet in Australia), a catalogue will be compiled but will not be mailed and will be available online.

A summary of entries will be faxed to anyone requiring details of horses in the sale.

The pending opening of the new Breeze Up track at Oaklands is on schedule. The laying of the track is complete and the erection the railings is about to commence. The track will be complete by the end of September.

The track has been designed to compliment the terrain to the north and west of the stable complex.

Horses will assemble in a purpose built ‘collecting’ ring in the north-west corner of the stable area.

From there they will trot in a northerly direction for approximately 400 metres (on the eastern side of the dam) before turning left to begin their gallops heading in a south easterly direction diagonally across the paddock.

They will complete their gallops on the 500 metre straight and will ease down in a southerly direction before trotting back into the stable area.

A shuttle bus system will operate on the day of the trials to convey people from the stable area to the observation site to view the trials.

One of the many advantages of having the track at Oaklands will be enabling horses to work there on the days preceding the time trials.