It's rare to enter the Summerhill Stud Office dining room any time around 1pm and not find it filled with the chink of wine glasses and silverware and the everpresent buzz of animated conversation as  guests are welcomed from near and far. The stories that criss cross the table are typically based around everyone's central passion - the horses -  but occasionally we touch on other topics!

Last week we had the pleasure of welcoming familiar faces - but new clients - to the farm: Ronnie Napier (past Senior Steward of the Jockey Club of South Africa - as it was then known) and his wife Bev, along with Jean-Marc Ulcoq (past Chairman of the Mauritian Jockey Club

Ronnie, Bev and Jean-Marc's  4-time winning mare GOLDEN SPLENDOUR (MUHTAFAL ex DESERT LILY) will be retired to stud this season and will be served by SOLSKJAER. 

Speaking of the Mauritius Turf Club,  they've got a well put together website that's worth a visit if you haven't logged on to it recently. The site can be accessed at the following link.