Everyone always has a favorite stallion. With this in mind I thought I would ask various Summerhill staff who their ‘man’ is as the responses that come back are as varied as the seasons, and the reasoning behind the choices so utterly personal - in many ways summing up what makes the selection of a stallion such a special decision for broodmare owners.

Megan Romeyn will be familiar to many of you as the voice that greets you whenever you call the main office. ‘Her man’ is Muhtafal - a stallion who has 2 Grade 1 winners and an Oaks winner to his credit this year. He closed the 2005/6 season in the Top 10 Sires, was 6th on The Leading Sires of 3yo’s by Stakes log, and 7th on the Leading Sires of 2YO’s by Stakes log. In fact, no matter what the chart, his name is always there in the top percentiles.

We call him ‘The General’. To Megan he is ‘Mr Personality’.  

Megan penned the following:


Muhtafal - Mr. Personality

This is a stallion that certainly sold himself to me with his personality and charisma. A son of Mr. Prospector and out of Polite Lady  (a Champion Broodmare), his progeny, especially his daughters (Real Red, Country Hideaway, Ndonweni, Dissapear, Let’s Rock and Roll, Veiled Essence, The Waltz, and Tuscan Elegance) have done especially well. This is only half the “tail” though and there is much more to him than records and results.

I first laid eyes on Muhtafal at the Summerhill Stud Stallion Day in 2004, where he was being paraded about in front of clients and guests. The reason he first caught my eye was he was one of the few stallions that wasn’t performing and getting wound up in front of the people, in fact he was quite happily being led about without complaint!! It was the beginning of his spell over me.

I first got to meet him up close though, when visiting the farm one Sunday. I had originally intended come to see National Emblem, but when Muhtafal saw me he came over straight away to the fence to check me out, and proceeded to charm me with an extended chatting session– needless to say I was hooked! Whenever I see him he is in his favourite spot by the gate to his paddock standing quietly munching on his hay. He always has a greeting for you. One of his favourite pastimes besides eating is dozing, and like clockwork, especially when the weather is nice, he puts his head over the fence, has a good scratch of his neck, gets into a suitably comfortable position and closes his eyes to doze – equine bliss!! If I have a chance after work I’ll pop into the stallion barn to see him, however I am sorry to report that he lets himself down a bit then by totally ignoring me and keeping his head firmly stuck in his feed bin!

I don’t know if I will ever put my finger on what I like about him – I just know I do. It isn’t a tangible something you can quantify, its more of an emotion.

I think what sums up Muhtafal best is … he just IS - and that is something incredible.

Megan Romeyn August 2006

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