The ‘class of 2005’ were under scrutiny today, 145 weanlings individually assessed to determine whether they would be retained by their owners or channelled into National Sale or Ready to Run preparations. Mick Goss plus broodmare managers Kerry Jack and Annet Becker & Ready to Run and Yearling manager Tarryn Liebenberg spent the better part of 8 hours immersed in detailed conformation assessment, pedigree updates, and how the weanlings have come on in the past months. The inevitable clutter of clipboards, pens, Palm Pilots - and sunglasses - oversaw quite a few early stand outs.

My personal favorites were a Muhtafal filly out of Queen of Savannah and a Muhtafal colt out of Snooty Lady, both of whom were (in Australian parlance anyway) “absolute crackers”. It’s hard to pick out one stallion over another but Kahal (as always) has some exceptional youngsters as does Albarahin, Malhub and Labeeb.  

One point that came up on a number of occasions today was the good bone on these youngsters. We leave it to you to validate that opinion when the wraps come off these yearlings next year.  

A “few to watch” include:


Malhub x Kefaah’s Secret
Malhub x Paris to Dakar
Labeeb x Blushing Summer
Kahal x Shoe Dance
Requiem x Love’s Desire
National Emblem x Longfields
Malhub x Greet the Greek
Muhtafal x Squiddgy
Labeeb x Dance on Silver
London News x Chorus Line
National Emblem x Western Flash
Muhtafal x Mazoon
Malhub x East Africa


Rambo Dancer x Competitive Edge
Albarahin x Civil Affair
Rambo Dancer x Fidelity Bond
Malhub x Miss Wonderful
National Emblem x Balsam
Indigo Magic x Vinn Fizz
Labeeb x Hill of Plenty
Rakeen x Queen of Aspen
Albarahin x Particular Passion
Fort Wood x Tudor Vino
Albarahin x Western Glow
Lavery x Beyond the Call

Photo [L-R] Annet, Tarryn and Mick. For additional photos from today please visit our photos page “A Day in the Life Of …” at the following URL and scroll through to the photos of the weanlings.