Racing South Africa has announced details of the first shipment from Kenilworth Quarantine Station in Cape Town since the EU lifted the suspension of horse exports on 26 October 2006. Conditions for export are based on the current EU Protocol (97/10/EC). Correct African Horsesickness (AHS) vaccination status is essential:
Horses must have received an AHS vaccine within 24 months of export and at least 60 days prior to entry to the Controlled Area of the Western Cape.

Start 20-day Free Zone Residency: 20 NOVEMBER 2006
(Note: horses must have entered the Free Zone before 20 November 2006)

Start 40-day Pre-export Quarantine: 10 DECEMBER 2006

Depart: from 19 JANUARY 2007

The above date has been set to take advantage of an inward-bound flight carrying imported horses that is due to arrive in mid-January 2007. Kenilworth Quarantine Station can accept 32 horses which allow the charter flight to operate most economically. At the time of this announcement, the quarantine station was nearing capacity.

Furthermore, Racing South Africa is not expected to operate additional quarantines until the start of the AHS low risk season towards the middle of next year. The starting date for the next shipment will be subject to surveillance data from the South African Veterinary Services and other key role players.