born to run logoMick, Tim, Tarryn and myself dodged the morning drizzle and sat down to choose our top 20 horses from this year’s Draft as Ingrid and Marlene headed off to find the Mall and food and phone cards for the troops.

Rules were as follows: The 20 horses had to be the ones that will be the best race performers (not necessarily the top priced lots), you were allowed to inspect the horses in person, watch the Gallops on the TV or website, and analyze pedigrees. You weren’t allowed to discuss your thoughts with anyone else or look at anyone else’s list.

The following 8 horses appeared on each of the 4 lists:

Lecture x Ridge Furlong
Muhtafal x Heat Machine
Rambo Dancer x Blue
Kahal x Bridal Paths
Rambo Dancer x Aquatic Thrill
Kahal x Derniere Dance
Albarahin x Fidelity Bond
Woodborough x Sadlers Belle

The following 7 horses appeared on 3 out of 4 lists:

Muhtafal x Ring the Changes
Deep Sleep x Amusing
Jallad x Feather Bed
Albarahin x Veritas
Kahal x Citidancer
Rambo Dancer x Forest Edge
Deep Sleep x Dancing Firelight

The following 4 horses appeared on 2 out of the 4 lists:

Kahal x Hardened Sands
London News x Hill of Plenty
Kahal x Cariad
National Emblem x Rose North

Between that the grooms filled water buckets and feeders, mucked out stables and groomed horses, we welcomed prospective buyers, waited for the new fridge to be delivered, perused the Dubai Racing Carnival’s 2007 Programme, and made our choices for this weekend’s Breeders Cup races. No-one could remember the name of the last 6 horses to win the Dubai World Cup. We all got a bit stuck on 2002. The cricket again featured - South Africa played the West Indies in the semi final. Australia gave New Zealand a caning yesterday.

Favorite jelly bean flavours (as on mornings when the Yard is quiet such things become important) Tarryn - red, Katrina - white, and Tim … well, he wasn’t sure. Mick made us all tea.