It was a world first: a pre-sale review in the aftermath of the Ready to Race Gallops hosted by some of the biggest names in the Industry.

Mike de Kock, Michael Roberts, Dean Kannemeyer, Graeme Hawkins, and manager of the Dubai International Racing Club’s International Department, Martin Talty, provided guests with their expert views on which horses took their eye as future investments, and equally importantly, which horses they felt most likely to line up next November for the running of the Emperor’s Palace Sweepstakes. There comments appear below. You can also watch a replay of the panel discussion on Tellytrack, Monday 30 October 2006 at 7.30pm.


MICHAEL ROBERTS said that whilst everyone would no doubt have different ideas on what horses were best, the idea of a Panel following the Gallops was a good idea. He commented that it had been a tough task selecting horses in the conditions  as the track had been heavy, but consulting his list he highlighted his “early types” that he wouldn’t mind seeing in his stable:

Lot 37 - RIDGE FURLONG (by Lecture x Ridge ‘n Furrow)
Lot 73 - INSIYAABI (by Albarahin x Anoof). “Definitely one for the future
Lot 106 - NKOSINGIHILE (by Muhtafal x Enroute to Heaven)

His other picks were Lots 41 (BOURNE SUPREME - by Woodborough x Sadlers Belle), 46 (CANOE RIDE - Kahal x Shoot the Rapids), and 80 (TOOGOOD - Kahal x Captive Audience)


Mike de Kock commented that it was nice to be able to see the horses work. He timed each lot and told the audience that the fastest was the Lecture colt (Lot 37). He recorded the following horses as the fastest 8:

Lot 37 - RIDGE FURLONG (by Lecture x Ridge ‘n Furrow)
Lot 109 - HOLIMALI (Albarahin x Fidelity Bond)
Lot 46 - CANOE RIDE (Kahal x Shoot the Rapids)
Lot 114 - SPHEKEPEKE (Russian Revival x Flying Magic)
Lot 111 - LASTMANSTANDING (Lavery x Flagwaver)
Lot 106 - NKOSINGIHILE (Muhtafal x Enroute to Heaven)
Lot 124 - KUZEKUSE (Deep Sleep x Gysey Spirit)
Lot 41-  BOURNE SUPREME (Woodborough x Sadlers Belle

Mike thought the Woodborough colt (Lot 41)was very impressive”. For late maturing types he made mention of Nip ‘N Tuck (Lot 58 - by Winter Romance x Tweaked) whom he described as a “very nice, scopey sort”.

The Albarahins and the Deep Sleeps look very well and the Kahals were in general very quick. I’m very impressed with this bunch of Kahals. A lot of horses didnt handle the going but the Kahals all did.”


Dean Kannemeyer said: “There were some very nice movers today. For me a horse has got to have good action to be a good horse. Some of the horses were very green and lost their action in the going. I was very impressed with the Deep Sleeps and the Kahals”.

Acknowledging that “a horse with Kannemeyer never comes early” (!) his shortlist was as follows:

Lot 3 - PUSH THE BUTTON (Deep Sleep x Jibe)
Lot 37 - RIDGE FURLONG (by Lecture x Ridge ‘n Furrow). “I trained the mother and he moved well
Lot 129 - NAMANJE (Deep Sleep x How About Now)
Lot 108 - PSYCHO SAM (Jallad x Feather Bed). “Moved well and will stay
Lot 124 - KUZEKUSE (Deep Sleep x Gysey Spirit)
Lot 81 - ART OF WAR (Kahal x Cariad). “Will take some time”.


Martin Talty gave his shortlist as follows:

Lot 41 - BOURNE SUPREME (Woodborough x Sadlers Belle). “Moved very nicely. Plenty of scope. Will get better with age but capacity to do well next November”
Lot 64 - NATIONAL HOUND (National Emblem x Western Flash). “Big long striding colt who found the line well. Will suit the sales race as yo want a mature and precocious type”.
Lot 60 - MTHETHO (Albarahin x Veritas).

I was very impressed with the Deep Sleeps and the Kahals


Graeme Hawkins stated:  “The Ready to Run concept has grown internationally in recent years and it is certainly becoming very popular. As a result a lot of countries are moving to it. It allows a buyer to see a horse’s action. You can’t measure his heart but it does give you an advantage over a walking horse. With Mick [Goss’] drive and the Emperor’s Palace restricted race this sale will only continue to grow in popularity.”

Top picks (fillies)

Lot 48 - MZWILILI (Muhtafal x Siren Song)
Lot 79 - NOMA-INDIA (Kahal x Bridal Paths)
Lot 87 - CAPE TANGO (Kahal x Citidancer)


Lot 76 - UMNGAZI (Muhtafal x Bahama Palms)
Lot 81 - ART OF WAR (Kahal x Cariad)
Lot 120 - SKY EMPEROR (Muhtafal x Glide On By)
Lot 100 - GALANT GAGNANT (Kahal x Derniere Dance)

Longer term picks

Lot 64 - NATIONAL HOUND (National Emblem x Western Flash)
Lot 46 - CANOE RIDE (Kahal x Shoot the Rapids)
Lot 108 - PSYCHO SAM (Jallad x Feather Bed)
Lot 55 - MANDLENKOSI (Albarahin x Thank Heaven)
Lot 70 - EBONY GIRL (Kahal x Agency Girl)
Lot 98 - UMAGEJAGEJA (Deep Sleep x Dancing Firelight)
Lot 109 - HOLIMALI (Albarahin x Fidelity Bond)

Bargain buys - perhaps Lots 117 (PHALEBAH - Lavery x Full of Life) and 109 (HOLIMALI - Albarahin x Fidelity Bond)


Questions were then invited from the floor:

Q: “What are the panel’s views on the horses breezing individually rather than in pairs?”

A: (Martin Talty) “Breezing individually is a worldwide trend. Whether a horse breezes on its own, in pairs or in a group will always be effected by how green the horse is, jockey weight, and how much work they’ve done. It really doesn’t make that much difference.

Q: “If the sales race was over 10 furlongs rather than 6 or 7 furlongs would your choices be any different?”

A: (Mike de Kock)I’d add Nip ‘N Tuck (Lot 58 by Winter Romance x Tweaked) who had a fair bit of pace and a scopey pedigree. I’d also add Lot 80 - TOOGOOD (Kahal x Captive Audience), Lot 108 - PSYCHO SAM (Jallad x Feather Bed), and the Rich Man’s Gold (Lot 63) as they get better as they get older and he is out of a top Argentinian staying line. Also Lot 117 who was also quite snappy with good action and a fair bit of speed”. (Dean Kannemeyer) : “I’d add Lot 108 - PSYCHO SAM (Jallad x Feather Bed) but I would of course need to look at the horses’s conformation and the pedigree more intently.”

Q: “What are your thoughts on a race linked to a sale”

A: (Michael Roberts) “I think it’s a fantastic idea to restrict a race to this sale and good money is going to be paid for some of these horses as a result” . (Graeme): “It’s a great innovation. We need variety and not all races should be exactly the same. Yes the races do have a novelty and marketing angle but they do add variety and allow you to have a longer term bet when you buy. It can only help to grow the Ready to Run sale”.