basil marcus7-time Champion Jockey of Hong Kong, now successful local trainer BASIL MARCUS, breezes ILLUSIONIST (National Emblem x Rose North colt)“Extremely busy” was probably as good a term as any to describe last week.  Seven-time Champion Jockey of Hong Kong (now successful local trainer) Basil Marcus, and his son Adam, spent 2 days with us mid-week. They inspected the entire draft then Basil rode each horse on their short list to further refine their selections. On Friday Glen Kotzen (trainer of this year’s Gr 2 Oaks winner VEILED ESSENCE) and his stable jockey M J Byleveld also inspected 80+ horses, an electrical storm and torrential downpour causing some unexpected delays to the proceedings. Fortunately Saturday dawned brilliantly clear and still, and Byleveld was able to breeze the stable’s shortlist without nature throwing any more spanners into the works.

Basil did comment that it seemed Summerhill has a lot of champions for sale this year. basil and adam marcusBasil Marcus and son Adam.Apparently as he was legged up onto each horse the groom holding it assured him that THIS was most definitely a champion of the future!!!

The sale’s other consignors (who will breeze their horses alongside the Summerhill draft this Friday) arrive for a practice run along the main track this morning; the Summerhill draft will canter the track on Wednesday for their familiarization with Friday’s events.

With 5 days to go until the Gallops the bets are on as to who this year’s sale topping colt and filly will be. Who better to ask than those who handle the horses each day … the Ready to Race team.

 The list as follows:

Tarryn: COLT Sadlers Belle; FILLY Hill of Plenty
Michael: COLT Veritas; FILLY Hill of Plenty
John: COLT Jamaican Summer; FILLY Fidelity Bond
Mthoz: COLT Jamaican Summer; FILLY Hardened Sands
Mandla: COLT Aquatic Thrill; FILLY Bridal Paths
Sphamandla: COLT Anoof; FILLY Forest Edge
Zap: COLT Flagwaver; FILLY Fidelity Bond
Tim: COLT Right to Strike; FILLY Bridal Paths
Michael 2: COLT Ridge Furlong; FILLY Verve Cliquot
Michael 3: COLT Sadlers Belle; FILLY Verve Cliquot
JackCOLT Jamaican Summer; FILLY Hill of Plenty
Prince: COLT Western Flash; FILLY Royal Princess
Sibusiso 1: COLT Saucy Thatch; FILLY Hill of Plenty
Siya: COLT Flagwaver; FILLY Hill of Plenty
Thokozani: COLT Jamaican Summer; FILLY Fidelity Bond
Fanos: COLT Flagwaver; FILLY Verve Cliquot
TK: COLT Flying Magic; FILLY Killaney Road
Alson: COLT Amusing; FILLY Killaney Road
Sibusiso 2: COLT Shoot the Rapids; FILLY Hill of Plenty